Review of Spice Village, Tooting. 20/04/2012

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Before you read my review, I think you should know a bit about my curry knowledge and preferences, so you can make a better judgement of what I have to say.

Now I’m not a particular expert on curries, I like them, I’ve eaten a lot in my time, and I’ve tried a lot of different things on the menu. In fact, I like trying something new each time I go to one, otherwise I find I just always go for the safety option and what’s the point in living? I like spicy foods, to a degree. I probably wouldn’t like a vindaloo, but I’m not one of those people who think a Korma is too much. Madras is a good level for me. Also, I am a vegetarian, so obviously that comes in to play as well.

So anyway, I visited Spice World with 5 others on a friday night. We had booked a table (essential) and were seated straight away. One thing that you should know before anything else is that THERE IS NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. I must say I like a beer with a curry, but I didn’t feel that I missed it one bit! I had a Mango Lassi, which I can safely say I would go back just to have. It’s nice and thick, full on taste and you get plenty for the price. Nice touch I thought, better than just water, coke, lemonade etc. There were plenty of other drinks you could have had if you wanted something less filling, and a massive bottle of water was put on our table, again a nice touch!

I had onion bajis to start (2) They didn’t look like bajis I was used too, they were flat and rounded, but very nice, and very big!! nice level of spice too, just right.

For main I had pilau rice, Garlic Naan and Chana Masala – never had Chana Masala so I couldn’t compare, but I really enjoyed it. Came hot, presented very nicely and the rice was a multitude of colours, very pretty. The garlic Naan was possibly the nicest I’d had, very garlicy, big too.

The food was just amazing. Everyone I was with said the same. The place comes highly recommended and has won awards as well. When you consider the reputation it has, and yet the whole bill for 6 people, including a drink each, 2 poppodums each, rice each, main each and a few sides all came to £60! I couldn’t believe it.

The only negative I could think of was that I had difficulty choosing what to have. Not many dishes have explanations next to them, I’d never heard of Chana Masala, so had no idea what it was other than it was vegetarian (they were all put together to make it easier – plenty of vegetraian options too which was nice)

I would definately recommend, I would certainly go back, but perhaps not on a friday as it was very busy, and it is certainly not somewhere to go for a quiet or intimate meal. More for a celebration or if you haven’t seen some friends for a long time, or of course a birthday!

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